Fun Times Come and Go, but Your Smile Is Forever

Posted on February 12, 2018 by wlda

Building a better smile includes always exercising caution with any lifestyle choices that can put your teeth in harm’s way. This includes avoiding any bad diet choices or habits that involve using your mouth improperly. To help keep your smile safe from tooth hazards, we encourage you to apply the following tips to your lifestyle:

– Exercise caution with substances that can easily stain your teeth. This includes products such as coffee and wine. If you develop dental stains or discolorations, you may benefit from a tooth whitening treatment.

– Avoid unhealthy lifestyle habits can slowly destroy your smile and health. This includes using tobacco products.

– Never use your teeth to chew on inedible substances, such as pencils, pens or even your nails. Doing so concentrates your bite force directly on one spot and can easily chip or crack a tooth.

– Avoid binge eating throughout the day, as it can lead to tooth decay. Furthermore, if you find yourself suffering from an eating disorder, such as bulimia, stomach acids can end up eroding your teeth.

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