Traveling Surgeries

Are you a General Dentist but seem to find yourself referring out extractions, bone/tissue grafting, and implants? Have you ever wondered if you didn’t refer your patients out, how it could benefit you and the patient? No need to wonder any longer!

Dr. Nemovi is a traveling/mobile dentist who treats your patients in the comfort of your own office. A plus is it is only on an as needed basis without any long-term commitment.

Ask yourself, why refer out when your patients prefer to be referred in? You as the provider can increase your profitability and keep your patients happy by having everything completed in your office. Ask yourself these 3 questions:

  1. Do you want to offer more services in your practice?
  2. Increase Case Acceptance?
  3. Do you want to improve practice profitability?

Patient Care is #1 to Dr. Nemovi

You expect your patients to be taken care of with the same level of care and compassion that you provide. For that reason, we take extra care to:

  • Provide a consultation prior to treatment in order to explain the procedure, anesthesia and home care instructions
  • Provide IV sedation for patient comfort
  • Provide personal follow up within 24 hours after each procedure

Dr. Nemovi has been providing patient’s oral surgery services in the familiarity and comfort of their general dental home, without the patient going anywhere.

Our safe and efficient systems ensure that your patients receive the level of expert care they are accustomed to in your practice.

Contact Us Today

Contact Dr. Nemovi today to schedule a demonstration on how simple it can be to boost your production, create happier patients and offer more services in your dental practice.

“These guys are awesome! Came here from a referral after having a bad experience from another local office. This is a private office, not a gain, so your experience actually matters to them. Very relaxing, exceptional professionals.”
Andrew Seliga
“Great experience at this office! Love the convenience of early appt times that are available and the scheduling process was super easy. The staff was very accommodating and Dr. Nemovi was very thorough, professional and kind. I would definitely give this practice a 5-star rating and recommend to others considering a new dentist!”
Blythe McPherson
“WOW WOW WOW thanks for the super awesome experience. You made me feel super comfortable at dental resort. I started to ask myself am I at a dental office or just relaxing. Thank you again for the great work. I recommend all of north Dallas that wants a amazing dentist and experience to go see you.”
Ali Heidari
“Such a nice place to be when having dental work done. The staff and Dr. Nemovi are all very nice and personable. Dr. Nemovi wants you to be happy with results and does a great job to insure that happens. I had a crown done that needed some extra shading/ blending and I worked with their lab and they made it happen. My crown looks just like my own tooth. Success!”
Ginny Webb
“Best dentist around! Very professional and nice clinic making you feel like you are at an actual resort while he is doing dental treatment on you. Watch movies, listen to music, and have drinks all on demand. They cater to your every need. I highly recommend this place to anyone!”
Mo Heidari


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