Sedation Dentistry and Its Effect on Your Dental Health

Posted on July 31, 2017 by wlda

Are you aware that laughing gas is used before many dental procedures to ease people into a calm and relaxed state? Amazingly, laughing gas is also the mildest form of sedative used, as many other types of sedation can put people to sleep.

Some of the fastest acting sedatives are those injected into a patient’s bloodstream. These intravenous sedatives are very effective and can be applied to changeable degrees, as dosages can be adjusted accordingly for different levels of sedation.

Deep sedatives and anesthesia are used to complete put a person to sleep with almost no risk of waking up before the sedatives run their course. Deep sedatives are very effective for complex surgeries that may last for hours.

Some sedatives use gas to help calm patients. This form of
inhaled minimal sedation often consists of a combination of oxygen and nitrous oxide, which mix to form what we commonly call laughing gas. Laughing gas is safe and effective and wears off rapidly, thus allowing the patient to continue on with their day as usual.

Lastly, sedatives can be given in pill form, which takes a while to kick in. Usually, ingested sedatives must be taken an hour before a procedure. Dosages can be changed accordingly for different levels of sedation.

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